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Before You Fill That Prescription...Read This Important Letter...

Discover a PROVEN Formula to Reverse Osteoporosis & Osteopenia Using 100% Natural Methods!

If you'd like to build strong, resilient bones...making your skeleton nearly indestructible and do it all without medications, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Dear Friend,

Have you, or someone you care about, recently received the bad news that they have osteoporosis or osteopenia? Have you been prescribed Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel or a like medication but have been too afraid to fill the prescription because of all of the life altering and even deadly side effects associated with these drugs? Then this may be the most important letter that you ever read!

If this sounds like your story then I am thrilled to inform you that I have developed a system, based on proven science, that can help stop osteoporosis in its tracks and send this disease into retreat as your bones actually grow stronger!

I know that you’re skeptical of the pharmaceutical companies and probably skeptical of natural products industry as well. I am here to tell you…

You Should Be Skeptical
  • 80 Out Of 81 Women Who Take Fosamax Gain NO BENEFIT Whatsoever!
  • If You Have Osteopenia, Fosamax Actually INCREASES Your Risk of Fracture
  • Milk Drinkers Are At A Higher Risk Of Fracture Than Non-Milk-Drinkers
  • The Calcium Recommended By Most Doctors Is The WORST Calcium For Bones
  • DXA Scans Alone Can’t Predict Fracture Risk!
  • Calcium Alone Can’t Fix Your Bones!

Every one of these facts are supported by research published in well respected peer-reviewed journals. They are not speculation, they are NOT junk science…they are hard studies that are forged in the fires of clinical experience. You don’t hear about them in the press because they go completely against the very drug companies that spend millions of dollars in advertising.

  • You must take your health in your own hands, you can’t rely on a doctor who has less training in nutrition than a gym teacher.

Osteoporosis is very much a condition of lifestyle. Your diet, activity, mineral intake, and sun exposure all play critical roles in keeping your bones healthy. In fact, keep reading and I will give you the real formula for strong bones!

I do believe that your doctor has your best interests in mind when they recommend calcium, unfortunately, they are completely unqualified to make nutritional recommendations.

For example: It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend calcium carbonate in the form of Tums, Oscal, Citrical or those scrumptious little chews called Viactive. Unfortunately, this form of calcium is poorly absorbed and can neutralize precious stomach acid that is needed for digestion and absorption of critical nutrients!

The bottom line is, the conventional medical model is completely backwards and most natural products are simply poor quality and ineffective. Continue reading and I will give you some tips and recommendations that are proven to work so you can begin immediately to  grow fresh, strong, pliable bone…

And I am going to let you prove its merits to yourself, without risking a single penny. It’s that different. That powerful. That provocative and controversial…

My name is Dr. Ray Hinish, I am a licensed pharmacist, certified nutritionist and certified personal trainer who has been studying natural approaches to health for over a decade.

In my practice, and talk-radio program, I speak with hundreds of women every year who have been told that they have osteoporosis and that the only way to treat their disease is by taking a medication that has been implicated in causing an unfortunate side effect called “Jaw Rot”.


The worst part is, the earlier you start the medication the more likely you are to come down with the side effect where your jaw literally rots out of your head.

In addition, it is my opinion that with years of taking these medications your bones will actually grow weaker! In fact, the medical community is reporting an alarming rise in what they call “no-impact fractures”. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and while walking to the bathroom your hip breaks for no apparent reason; no fall or blunt force, your hip bone just breaks in half from the load of your own body weight. That’s a “no-impact fracture”!

No more!

I have studied the literature and combined it with over 10 years of clinical experience to bring you a program that will give you all of the tools that you need to fight bone loss and build strong, healthy, pliable bone that will allow you to live your life to its fullest!

Look…the time of passive retirement is at an end, people like you and me are looking to be active for the rest of our lives! We want to explore, travel to distant lands, play with our children, not to mention, our grand children and great grand children! We will not retire to a nursing home to live out our last days in utter misery and despair…We want to live active and energetic forever! We can’t do this if our structure crumbles at the slightest movement!

THE FORMULA for Osteoporosis & How to Reverse It

To understand the treatment for osteoporosis, you must understand the real cause of osteoporosis.

Your doctor’s formula for osteoporosis is simple…

Bone Density = Osteoporosis

I realize that this may make sense on the surface; however, you will be surprised to know that it is completely inadequate.

When scientists developed the DXA scan they were dismayed to find that people’s bone density did not correlate well with fracture risk. Although I go into more detail in the book Strong Bones Forever, I will give you the condensed version here…

The scientists discovered that many people who have a low bone density never go on to have an osteoporotic fracture. Even more confusing, some people who have otherwise “normal” bone densities can go on to suffer devastating fractures.

If bone density were the whole picture then we would not see such a phenomenon. There must be some variable that we are missing in the above mentioned formula. In fact, there is a missing variable in the formula and this variable turns out to be far more important than the density.


Bone Density + Bone Quality = Bone Strength

In the Strong Bones Forever downloadable program, I talk in depth about how to determine bone quality and more importantly how to improve bone quality. Once bone quality is improved, bone density will typically follow! To start building strong bones today, get the program Strong Bones Forever. With a 365 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee you simply can NOT go wrong! Did you know that many hip fractures are not caused by falls? The truth is, many hip fractures are the cause of the fall not the result! This means that many people have such weak bones that the simple act of walking causes a major fracture that, in many unfortunate cases, has a fatal outcome. Let me tell you another unbelievable truth; many of these people who develop fractures have normal bone density! That’s right, their bone density is normal and yet they still develop osteoporotic fractures! How can this be? Let me explain… After discovery of the DXA bone density scanner scientists realized that bone density was not a great predictor of fracture risk. In fact, it is estimated that a woman can lose as much as 50% of her bone mass and not be at any significant risk of bone fracture, here is why…

Because BONE QUALITY is more important than BONE DENSITY!

Don’t get me wrong, bone density does matter, however, if you have high quality bone, then a low bone density may not matter nearly as much. In the program, Strong Bones Forever, I will explain how to find out if you have good quality or poor quality bone. More importantly, you will learn a system to reverse bone loss and dramatically improve your body’s ability to build great quality, strong and pliable bone!

Summary Of What You Will Learn…
  • The form of calcium you will NEVER want to take. Hint: Odds are you take it right now and your doctor probably recommended it! Choose the right calcium, get strong bones. Choose the wrong calcium, lose your skeleton.
  • What it takes to make major increases in your bone density! How to increase your bone density by 11% or more in just 2 years!
  • End the confusion. How to decide if the drugs are a good idea or terrible idea FOR YOU! You have the prescription in hand…should you fill it?
  • Never be confused about the different forms of calcium ever again. You will learn the types of calcium that will give you the BEST bang for your buck.
  • How to avoid Doctor Induced Bone Loss. Why most doctors miss the mark on treating osteoporosis and how they may actually be responsible for MORE fractures in the coming future. Ignore this advice at your own peril.
  • Why most people should dump their osteoporosis medications down the toilet. Stop wasting your money on medications that just don’t work and may do more harm than good.
  • Why milk should be AVOIDED if you want to keep your bones healthy! Is milk really just food for cows, not for humans? I’ll give you a hint…NO!
  • Choose the right calcium to actually grow new bones! Find out which form of calcium is the only form proven to increase bone density by itself.
  • Which mineral may be even more important than calcium. That’s right, calcium is a player in the bone building process but this mineral may prove to be the headliner! Without it, all of your efforts could be for nothing!
  • Avoid this BONE CHILLING side effect! Learn about a disgusting side effect of Fosamax and other osteoporosis medications that is now being called Fossy-Bone.
  • Why your bone density test may not be an accurate predictor of fracture risk. Also, learn one simple step to make these tests more accurate! You simply MUST follow this one tip if you want accurate bone density results.
  • Find out your real risk! The breakthrough study about osteoporosis that neither you nor your doctor have ever heard about that will revolutionize the way osteoporosis is diagnosed. This is scientifically-validated tool is a more accurate respresentation of fracture risk than the DEXA scan.
  • The new, IMPROVED formula for diagnosing true osteoporosis and your ACTUAL fracture risk. The simplicity of this formula will blow your mind!
  • Which tests are good and which ones are a waste of time and money. This information alone will save you the cost of this program many times over.
  • Learn how accurate the grocery store osteoporosis screenings are and what to do with the results.
  • Never be confused by your DXA test scores ever again. How to interpret the tests that your doctor orders for assessing osteoporosis. Learn what your T-score and Z-score mean.
  • Learn about a test that will tell you how well your bone-strengthening program is working years before the DXA scan will tell you! Best of all it’s available without a prescription!
  • Learn why conventional medicine completely missed the mark on treating osteoporosis and may be responsible for MORE bone fracture in the coming future
  • If you do choose to take Fosamax or one of its relatives, follow these instructions to get the most benefit and the least side effect!
  • Learn about how your lifestyle is responsible for robbing the bones of their precious minerals and how to reverse it! I will tell you precisely how to change your lifestyle to get results.
  • Learn what role hormones play in building new bone. Estrogen is not the answer! Learn about the hormone that can actually reverse bone loss!
  • Learn what to do if you have had a partial or full hysterectomy to prevent bone loss. Again…estrogen is not the answer!
  • Never be constipated again by calcium! Learn what to do if calcium constipates you.
  • Learn which vitamin is the most important vitamin ever discovered for protecting the bones and exactly how much to take
  • Protect you bones with fat! Learn why some fats may actually protect your bones.
  • Learn what medications may be robbing your bones of important minerals. You may be taking them right now!
  • Avoid lead contamination! Learn which calcium supplements may be contaminated with lead and how to avoid them
  • Learn the one missing component in most people’s bone building program and how it may be the most important mistake you could make
  • Learn exactly what exercise and how much is necessary to build new, strong bone!
  • Ten dietary guidelines for building strong healthy bones. You need to know what to eat to build bones and what NOT to eat to protect them.
  • Learn about strontium. Who should use it and who should avoid it.
  • And much, much more…

Look, osteoporosis is a complicated condition and I know that the information can be dry and overwhelming. I have worked very hard to distill this program down to include only the most important and impactful changes necessary to assure that you get the most out of your lifestyle program with as little effort and expense as possible.

There is simply no other way to reverse osteoporosis, medications won’t do it, positive thinking won’t do it, most doctors can’t help you and if you are waiting for the next magical medical breakthrough, let me assure you that the only thing that will “break-through” is your bones while you wait for medical researchers to save your life. Osteoporosis is a condition of lifestyle, not some medical certainty of everyday aging! As promised, I would like to get you started with some recommendations that you can use today!

First, realize that the most important mineral for healthy bones is magnesium, not calcium. The reason for this has little to do with the role of the mineral and much more to do with an abundance of calcium in the diet relative to magnesium. This means that we get significantly more calcium in our diet from high calcium foods or “calcium fortified food” than we get magnesium. This then shifts the importance from calcium to magnesium, entirely due to the level of abundance in the diet.

The second thing that you can do to immediately help your bones is to stop drinking dairy. We will talk in depth about why this is true in the program, however, for now just understand that the countries with the highest dairy intake also suffer from the weakest bones with the United States nearing the top of the list. Milk does not strengthen the bones, it weakens them.

Third, you have to stop drinking soda because soda erodes the bone minerals.The bones are responsable for maintaining the blood pH and soda floods the body with acidity. The acidity from the soda literally causes the bones to shed calcium. If you drink regular soda, versus diet soda, the effect is compounded. Sugar is extremely acidic and causes the bones to erode away.

We will discuss this in detail in the FREE BONUS REPORT The pH Factor. And finally, begin right now to eat more green leafy vegetables, I will explain why this is so important in the program. If you hate vegetables, I will teach you the next best thing in the program, Strong Bones Forever!

Okay, so what is the cost for this incredible resource?

Well, realize that if you were to receive the very same information in a personal consult with me it would take at least two hours and you would pay $330 of my time. (I currently charge $165 an hour for personal consultations, so at bare bones minimum you are getting over $300 worth of value from this program)

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum follow up visit charge of $90.

In fact, your total investment for the Strong Bones Forever Program is only $99 $29.95. Plus you get $199.97 worth of FREE bonuses! So, what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away? Well, it’s really quite simple. I want to get this information out to the public! I am tired of misleading commercials for dangerous osteoporosis drugs that offer little to no benefit. I wrote this book for the 34 million people who have been told that they have osteoporosis and that their only solution is a medication that will likely weaken their bones over time, worst yet, once the medication is taken, it is in your bones for life! Your success in using Strong Bones Forever is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:



Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I Know That You Are Skeptical! Skepticism is healthy, especially given all of the misinformation out there regarding osteoporosis. After all, we have been told to drink milk for strong bones since we were kids and look where it has gotten us… I personally guarantee that your bones will grow stronger and more pliable over the next year.

Your success is absolutely guaranteed. If after a full 12 months, you honestly believe I haven’t delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

1. Read the program, if you do not feel that the information revolutionized the way that you look at your bone building program then simply send me an email or call my office at 888-794-4325 and I will promptly refund your money!

2. If you are satisfied with the information, apply it to your life for an entire year. If you do not get results just send an email or call and we will promptly refund your money.

Is That Fair Or What?

That means that you can try out the Program Strong Bones Forever, not to mention the special bonuses that I am about to tell you about, at my risk, while you see if it works for you. And if you don’t find the program extremely informative and effective, I honestly want you to ask for your money back and you can keep the bonus reports as my way of thanking you for giving the program a try.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t get results then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way — $29.95 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going waste on co pays and drug costs on ineffective and potentially harmful medications this year. That’s why…

You Really Can’t Afford Not to Invest In This Program!

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses…


To make sure that you get on the right path, I will give you 3 months of personal email or phone support worth $147.

If you have any questions about the system, just email them or call my office and I will help you.

Act soon because I don’t know how many people I can offer this support to.


This report provides you with additional information that will help you super charge your bone building program by learning how body pH can effect bone health.

This report, valued at $12.98 is yours absolutely free with the purchase of the Strong Bones Forever program.



Learn about 5 super-powerful supplements that may supercharge any bone building program.

This FREE report will introduce you to some of the most cutting edge research on newly discovered supplements for building new bones.

This report, valued at $12.98, is yours FREE with the purchase of Strong Bones Forever! INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!!



A Guide to Surviving Hip Fracture Surgery.

This report is an insurance policy for those who have a high risk of hip fracture and may be getting this program late in the course of their disease.

You will learn how to prevent a nasty hip fracture and what to do if you have an unlucky incident.

This report, valued at $19.98, is yours FREE with the purchase of Strong Bones Forever! INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!!


You get the entire Strong Bones Forever Program along with the three free reports and 3 months of email support, valued at $199.97, for one low price of $29.95. Remember, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it anytime within the next year for a FULL REFUND!

Order in the next 24 hours and get 3 Months of personal consultation by email, a $147 Value


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